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Much of the work of ACEC of Louisiana is accomplished through dedicated volunteer committees. The committees are the primary means of getting involved in recommending regulations and legislation to promote and protect the engineering industry; providing liaison relations with state and federal agencies in addressing specific issues and strengthen business initiatives; and providing essential information on engineering business issues. The ACEC of Louisiana Committees are:

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee assists in determining legislation that ACECL will pursue at the state level and assist in lobbying aspects to get ACECL monitored bills passed or defeated.  Discuss other bills introduced to determine ACECL’s position.

Chair: Bryan Jones
Board Liaison: Nathan J. Junius, P.E., PLS


Membership Committee

Chair: Chad Poche, P.E.


Transportation Committee

The Transportation Liaison Committee works through roundtable forums with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LDOTD), Louisiana ports, airport authorities, rail and multimodal transportation, providing liaison relationships and business initiatives.

Co-Chair: (Roads & Highways) Raymond Reaux
Co-Chair: (Ports, Airports,Rail, Multimodel) Sherri LeBas
Board Liaison: Bob Boagni, P.E. 


Water Resources Committee

The Water Resources Liaison Committee works through roundtable forums with CPRA, the Water Institute, LDEQ, LDHH, NOSWB and the USACE, providing liaison relationships and business initiatives.

Chair: Brenton Jenkins 
Board Liaison: Lisa F. Cookmeyer, P.E. 


Facilities Liaison Committee
(FP&C & State Fire Marshal)

The Facilities Liaison Committee works through roundtable forums with the State Fire Marshal and staff and the Office of Facility Planning & Control, providing liaison relationships and business initiatives.

Chair: R. Craig Campbell, P.E.
Board Liaison: Brett Bayard, P.E., PLS


Risk Management Committee

The purpose of the Risk Management Committee is to assist member companies and others in understanding and managing risk and, on their behalf, to advocate changes in legislation and regulation to properly control or allocate risk.

Chair: Tripp McCormick


HR Forum 

The HR FORUM meets monthly (virtual) to share best practices, discuss and brainstorm solutions for HR concerns shared by ACEC/L firms, and gain valuable insights into industry trends. This Forum also develops guidelines related to the Annual Salary Study.

Chair: Barker Dirmann



Any employee of a member firm may join at any time of the year. If you have an interest in serving on one or more committees,
fill out the committee request form and forward to Haleigh Gray at


For more information about ACEC of Louisiana, please contact: Barker Dirmann, President & CEO


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