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May 25, 2023

ACEC Meets with Italian Delegation

ACEC Meets with Italian Delegation

Last week, members of the ACEC International Committee traveled to the Italian Embassy to meet with their counterparts from the Association of Italian Engineering, Architectural, and Technical-Economic Consulting Organization (OICE) on bilateral cooperation in the A/E industry and to discuss challenges and opportunities member firms are experiencing.

The meeting was hosted by First Counselor Lamberto Moruzzi, Head of the Economic, Trade and Scientific Affairs Office at the Italian Embassy, as well as Antonio Laspina, Director of the Italian Trade Agency Office in New York. They profiled Italian engineering capabilities, and their country’s importing and exporting activity. Behind Germany, the United States is Italy’s second leading trading partner, with the US importing nearly $70B in goods in 2022, such as machinery, vehicles, and pharmaceuticals. In 2022, the US exported nearly $22 billion in industrial materials, agricultural goods, and various chemicals and fuels to Italy.

ACEC’s delegation was led by Manish Kothari, ACEC’s past National Chair and current member of the board of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), he was joined by members of the ACEC International Committee such as Stantec, WSP and HDR. The International Committee’s purpose is to identify and promote ACEC’s international interests; undertake proactive federal legislative, policy, and regulatory advocacy programs related to those interests; develop appropriate relationships with international organizations; and to ensure that each committee and department of ACEC implements international programs as may be applicable.

If your firm would like to learn more, contact Dan Hilton at dhilton@acec.org.

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