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2020 Engineering Excellence Awards

2020 Grand Conceptor

Camp Trivera — the new facility for Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma — combines the three C's of Girl Scouting: Courage, Confidence, and Character with the three sides of a triangle representing math, engineering, and science to infuse STEM features throughout this new one-of-a-kind facility.

The Girl Scouts' old camp, Camp Cookieland, had to be sold to make way for a new turnpike project and therefore a new facility was needed. This provided the opportunity for the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma to develop a facility and create experiences to focus on the development of leadership skills and a connection to community, all with an increased focus on STEM — science, technology, engineering, and math.

The site selected for Camp Trivera was a 19-acre parcel just east of the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Gardens. The civil engineering site design presented many challenges and opportunities alike. The site, an existing wooded park area, had many wonderful mature trees and shrubs, rock outcroppings, and significant topography. In an effort to preseve the trees and conserve the pleasing, natural environment, significant efforts went into a site design that iimproved the site for safety, accessibility, and functionality while also maintaining these great natural features so important to the Girl Scout Camp experience. The site also abuts a FEMA floodplain requiring significant coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the design and administration of waterside features such as the kayak boat launch and zip line (across the lake to the Zoo!).

Continuing with the conservation and presenvation theme, the building itself was treated to a Building Automation System for the HVAC system, water-conserving plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the building (and site) with energy code-compliant lighting controls and occupancy sensors, and a 5,100-gallon rainwater reclamation system used for irrigation.

The entire facility — inside and out — took every opportunity to expose and highlight engineering and architectural systems and construction techniques and incorporates many STEM features throughout the project to show first-hand how these principles of science, technology, engineering, and math play into the creation of a facility like this.

While this camp was designed primarily for the girls, when not in use it can be rented out to community groups, organization, and families to create your own camp and STEM adventures. CEC is extremely proud to have been a part of the great project team that brought this facility to life for the girls, for the community, and for the fields of STEM.

Camp Trivera

2020 Honor Award Winners


Honor 1
CP&Y John Kilpatrick Turnpike SW Loop

Honor 2
CEC Kickapoo Turnpike Interchange at I-40


Honor 3
Freese & Nichols Lake Ponca Dam Spillway

Honor 4
CEC Owasso Redbud Festival Park

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