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ODOT Partnering Committee

ACEC/ODOT MOU 2022-2024

ACEC/ODOT Partnering Committee Meeting Minutes 2/11/22

ACEC/ODOT Partnering Committee Meeting Minutes 5/13/22

ACEC/ODOT Partnering Committee Meeting Minutes 7/8/22

ACEC/ODOT Partnering Committee Video 11/4/22

ACEC/ODOT Partnering Committee Video 2/3/23

ACEC/ODOT Partnering Committee Video 5/11/23

ACEC/ODOT Partnering Committee Video 8/10/23

ACEC/ODOT Partnering Committee Video 2/9/24

ACEC/ODOT Administrative Working Group 3/23

ACEC/ODOT Administrative Working Group 4/23

ACEC/ODOT Administrative Working Group 5/23

ACEC/ODOT Administrative Working Group 6/23

ACEC/ODOT Administrative Working Group 1/24

ACEC/ODOT Administrative Working Group 4/24

ACEC/ODOT Administrative Working Group 5/24

ACEC/ODOT 3D Modeling Working Group 4/3/23

ACEC/ODOT 3D Modeling Working Group 8/8/23

ACEC/ODOT 3D Modeling Working Group 3/8/24

ACEC/ODOT Construction Management Work Group 8/1/23

ACEC/ODOT Construction Management Work Group 10/5/23

ACEC/ODOT Construction Management Work Group 11/22/23

ACEC/ODOT Construction Management Work Group 4/4/24

ODOT/ACEC OKLAHOMA Partnering Steering Committee 

Secretary Gatz  
Brian Taylor 
Joe Echelle 
Rick Johnson 
TJ Dill 
Daniel Nguyen 
Jenny Sallee, Garver (2024) 
Russell Beaty, Olsson (2024) 
John Johnson, Grossman & Keith (2025) 
Greg Allen, SRB (2025) 
John Stovall, MacArthur & Associates (2026) 
Amanda Newberry, Halff (2026) 
Jessica Prince, Hudson Prince (2027) 
Paul Poynter, EST (2027) 
Mike Thompson. ACEC OKLAHOMA 

Working Groups: 


Daniel Nguyen, ODOT 

Inger Peters, ODOT 

Kristen Wallace, ODOT 

Amber Steel, CEC  

Brian Schmitt, Teim Design 

Kathy Hurst, EST 


3D Modeling 

Mark Plum, Poe & Associates  

Marvin Valencia, Guy Engineering 

Nick Braddy, Garver 

Scott Young, Jacobs 

Elizabeth Hazzard, Aguirre-Fields 

Danny Powell, Guernsey  

Darian Butler, OTA 

Randy Woods, ODOT 

Katie Brown, ODOT 

Justin Hernandez, ODOT 

Siv Sundaram, ODOT 

Construction Management  

Geoff Covalt, CEC 

Paul Green, Freese and Nichols  

Rick Bond, Benchmark 

Shawn Davis, ODOT 

John Leonard, ODOT 

TJ Dill, ODOT 

Will Snipes, ODOT 

For more information about ACEC OKLAHOMA, please contact or call (405) 525-7696.

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