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Why You Should Join

10 Good Reasons for Your Firm to Join ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC

The Council can do things to help your bottom line that you don’t have the time or resources to do on your own:

  1. GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS – ACEC OKLAHOMA speaks as the unified voice of the profession to get our message heard in Oklahoma and Washington, DC. We promote Consulting Congress Day in Washington, DC, as a way for members to get involved in the political process.
  2. QBS – ACEC OKLAHOMA educates city and county officials on the virtues of Selection by Qualifications for professional design services – the bidding of professional services in an ongoing problem to consulting engineers, which the Council can help address.
  3. INSURANCE PROGRAMS – Through both ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC, members firms can participage in the Life/Health Plan with its many managed care options, the Retirement Plan with many qualified pension/retirement plans, the Cafeteria Plan for flexible employee benefits, and the Business Insurance Plan for competitive, complete business coverages.
  4. ENCOURAGING QUALITY MANAGEMENT – Get a critical information to assist you in managing the BUSINESS of design consulting.
  5. ACTIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAM – Our Membership Directory is available free to legislators, government officials, media, architects, and potential private clients.
  6. ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE AWARDS PROGRAM – ACEC OKLAHOMA sponsors the Oklahoma Engineering Excellence Program to promote public awareness of engineering and how important it is to everyone’s lives, and the top five entries each year are eligible to enty the national ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards competition.
  7. PROMOTE BETTER BUSINESS PRACTICE – Statewide surveys, business practice seminars, meeting roundtables on business practice issues, and access to ACEC’s publications department with standard contract documents, etc.
  8. STATE AGENCY LIAISON COMMITTEES – Established, ongoing relationships with state and federal agencies, and related organizations (AGC, AIA, etc.) promoting common interests and the use of consulting engineers.
  9. SEMINARS & CONVENTIONS – ACEC OKLAHOMA provides business and educational seminars on topics to help your bottom line. Our quarterly conferences and annual meeting allow the Board to inform members of activities and progress, while also providing the opportunity for seminars, networking, and general information exchange.
  10. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS/PUBLIC AWARENESS – ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC are both on the web and social media.  Our web site lists our members and offers hyperlinks to firms with their own website. Both groups also use electronic communications for fast effective transfer of important issues.


Unless otherwise provided for in the ACEC OKLHOMA By-Laws, membership is limited to professional service firms which provide independent consulting engineering and/or land surveying services.

Eligibility for membership shall require that a proprietor, partner, or corporate officer of the firm or, in the case of a branch office of an American Council of Engineering Companies member firm, the person in responsible charge of a branch office engineering and/or land surveying activities in the state of Oklahoma, meet the following qualifications:

  1. Registration in good standing as a Professional Engineer and/or Land Surveyor to practice in the state of Oklahoma.
  2. Engagement in the professional practice of consulting engineering and/or land surveying offering services to more than one client.
  3. Practice from a regularly staffed office located within the state of Oklahoma.

Member firms must practice under an organizational arrangement that does not involve a conflict of interest or that does not subordinate independent professional judgment to other consideration.

(This is a general statement of membership requirements. More detailed explanation of membership requirements are included in the By-Laws of ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC.)

NOTICE: Contributions or gifts to ACEC OKLAHOMA and/or ACEC are not deductible as charitable contributions, BUT may be deductible to members for federal income tax purposes as ordinary & necessary business expenses.


ACEC OKLAHOMA and American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) annual dues are based on an index number which is determined by the total number of personnel employed by the firm. For Fiscal Year 2018-19, ACEC OKLAHOMA dues are $457.47 per index number and ACEC  dues are $390.00 per index number.


Total number of employees of firm = 12

Index number for 12 person firm = 4.1

ACECOK/ACEC Base Dues = $847.47 per index number

12 person firm total Annual Dues: $818.84 x 4.1 = $3,474.63

To determine your firm’s specific dues and your savings with the special discount, please call the ACEC OKLAHOMA office at (405) 525-7696 and will will provide you with the index number necessary to calculate your annual dues.

For more information about ACEC OKLAHOMA, please contact or call (405) 525-7696.

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