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Partnering with UAA and ASD

As most in our industry know first-hand, the State of Alaska needs more civil engineers. The situation is going to become dire if we don’t act soon. Our industry requires approximately 75 new civil engineers per year to maintain its workforce. In recent years, the University of Alaska system is only graduating about 40 civil engineering students per year. As a result, ACEC Alaska is looking for opportunities to partner with UAA and ASD. A few volunteer options for your consideration –







Anchorage School District’s (ASD) internship program

The ASD Career and Technical Education (CTE) program provides employers with talented and engaged high school youth who bring fresh energy and curiosity to the workplace. Employers also have a chance to inspire and shape the next generation of professionals, planting the seeds for future qualified employees for your industry or field.  

Visit the ASD CTE internship page on how to get involved with the internship program.




For more information on ACEC of Alaska, please contact us at, or mail at PO Box 240543, Anchorage, AK 99524

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