In the ACEC Forums, member firm employees with specific functional responsibilities network with peers at other member firms. Each forum has an active listserv and an agenda of events during the year, including workshops, roundtable discussions, educational and networking progams, and/or newsletters. Not all forums offer the same events.

Click on any of the Forums listed below to view details about that forum, receive additional information, or sign up.

Emerging Leaders Forum
The Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) offers educational programming for young professionals who aspire to firm leadership and an interactive online community to share best practices. ELF programming at ACEC conferences features content specifically designed to develop professional leadership skills. For more information, click here.

Business Development & Marketing Forum
At the Business Development & Marketing Forum (BDM) business development leaders and seller-doers will hear from industry experts on the latest BD trends and how the state of the market affects them.  Professionals will also meet in an open forum to share challenges, solutions and ideas for personal and firm growth.  For more information, click here.

Finance Forum
In the Finance Forum, member firms' financial professionals meet at an annual roundtable to discuss key finance issues affecting their firms and stay connected during the year through a online community to share best practices, solve problems, and gain insights into industry trends. For more information, click here.

Human Resources Forum
The Human Resources Forum brings together member firm HR professionals in an annual roundtable format to discuss solutions to personnel issues, share best practices, and address emerging trends. Forum members stay in touch during the year through a dedicated online community. The Forum also houses the Education Subcommittee, which concentrates on training and development issues for the nation's engineering firms. For more information, click here.

Information Technology Forum
IT Professionals gather at an annual roundtable meeting to share state-of-the art tips with their peers about managing firms' software and hardware systems. Forum members pose questions to the dedicated online community and generate discussions that provide valuable insights and solutions for IT problems. For more information, click here.

Legal Counsel Forum
The Legal Counsel Forum was founded in 1986 to bring together attorneys representing ACEC member firms to share information about legal issues in the engineering industry. The Forum meets twice each year at the ACEC Annual Convention and Fall Conference. During the balance of the year, legal counsel for member firms keep in touch and exchange valuable practice information through the online community. For more information, click here.



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Capture Planning for the Win

Capture Planning for the Win is a step-by-step, scalable capture and pursuit management guide that will help you evaluate and improve your firm’s business development capabilities.Details

2023 Bundle of Salary Surveys of Engineering Firms (Zweig Group)

The Zweig Group 2023 Engineering Firm Salary Surveys are the most up-to-date and comprehensive compensation survey report for engineering firms operating in each region of the U.S. Details


Insurance and Retirement Trusts

ACEC's Trust Programs are designed to enhance your membership investment by helping to control your firm's costs. More Info




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