Designations and Certifications

Expert Witness (EXW)
The purpose of the Expert Witness program is to recognize individuals who are dedicated to providing fair and unbiased testimony and investigations and promoting a high level of forensic and expert witness testimony. It should help engineers better understand the legal process and will provide education and discussion forums on expert witnessing and establishing guidelines for objectivity of testimony.

To qualify for the EXW designation, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid license of Professional Engineer (PE).
  • Ten years of practical experience.
  • Successful completion of ACEC's expert witness course.
  • Have your application reviewed and accepted by the Expert Witness Designation Committee.

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Obtaining a designation or certification signals to your clients and employer that you have aspired to and achieved a specific professional competency. ACEC and ASCE strongly support and encourage designation and certification for all individuals working in the engineering field, both to protect the public and to deliver high quality services. Continuing education is a lifelong process and is motivated by a number of factors, including curiosity, closing gaps in knowledge, and the desire to provide the very best service to one's clients. Lifelong learning requires that the engineering professional continually develop his or her knowledge and skills, both through traditional continuing education and other educational activities that include emerging and state-of-the-art business and technical practice.

ACEC Designations

  • Management Engineer (MgtEng)
    The MgtEngSM is designed to recognize professionals working in project, program, or business management roles within an engineering firm or a firm related to the engineering industry. This premiere designation distinguishes holders as successful managers who have demonstrated a high level of management experience, skills and knowledge in the fields of engineering and business management. The MgtEngSM shows an individual's commitment to the practice of engineering and business management, including the overall management of projects, people, and business components.

    To earn the MgtEngSM designation, one must have:
    • A valid PE License.
    • 150 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) in four of ACEC's 12 Knowledge Domains, or a Master's degree plus 50 PDHs.
    • Seven-ten years of management experience in one of the following three areas: people management, project management, or business management.
    Click here to download the application.
  • Executive Engineer (ExecEng)
    The ExecEngSM is designed to recognize professionals who have reached the highest levels of achievement in engineering industry leadership and/or business management, differentiating holders from other leaders active in the engineering field. Earning the ExecEngSM demonstrates a commitment to remaining at the forefront of the engineering profession. Earning the ExecEngSM designation illustrates a path resulting in an achievement that honors both technical competence and management acumen.

    To earn the ExecEngSM designation, one must have:
    • A valid PE License.
    • 300 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) in eight of ACEC's 12 Knowledge Domains, or a Master's degree plus 200 PDHs.
    • 15-20 years of experience in a leadership role in a corporate, non-profit, or government setting.
    • Completion of the ACEC Senior Executives Institute (SEI) or another approved leadership capstone course.
    Click here to download the application.
  • Management Professional (MgtPro)
    The MgtProSM is designed to recognize non-PE professionals who manage programs in the design, architecture, engineering, surveying, and construction environment. The MgtProSM recognizes experience, skill, and achievements in the oversight of multiple related projects that are aligned with overall organizational and strategic goals. Candidates for the MgtProSM designation manage various aspects of a program, such as defining and initiating multiple related projects; overseeing multiple projects; allocating resources; assigning project manager to manage cost, schedule, performance of component projects; and making decisions to ensure the ultimate success and acceptance of a program. Candidates for the MgtProSM are not required to have a Professional Engineer (PE) license and thus may come from various environments such as governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and/or engineering firms.

    To earn the MgtProSM designation, one must have:
    • 150 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) in four of ACEC's 12 Knowledge Domains, or a Master's degree plus 50 PDHs.
    • Seven-ten years of program management experience related to the design, engineering, surveying, and/or construction industry.
    Click here to download the application.

ASCE Certifications

Academies of ASCE offer a post-licensure credential to civil engineers to help distinguish themselves in the fields of water resources, geotechnical, coastal, ocean, port, and navigation engineering.



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